25 Mar

Vitamin "B" Shots

I have to admit I don’t really know anything about vitamin B shots except that I have heard people get them for increased energy. This week I got my own version of vitamin “Board” shots.

As someone who spends a lot of time with boards and with leaders working to educate and engage their board members to be the best ambassadors, friendraisers and fundraisers, I am often met with frustration. Together we explore how to attract, recruit and develop the right board members. We work hard to make sure board members have the tools they need to be successful – whether training, coaching or materials. We make sure that we are showing our board members respect and appreciation, and at the same time are providing them with motivation. Yet despite best efforts, executive directors and CEOs often feel that their board members don’t get it and/or don’t help to “carry the water.”

This week, not once, but twice, I encountered two board members who more than “carry the water.” They were my Vitamin “Board” shots for the week.

Vitamin “Board” Shot 1: A board meeting takes place that focuses on board development and the upcoming nominating process. After the board meeting, a rising star board member emails the president that he has a “good” problem.  He is interested and has expertise that could be applicable to several of the committees and isn’t sure which one(s) to join.  He wants to discuss what is best for the organization.

Vitamin “Board” Shot 2: At a meet and greet, a seasoned community leader, who has more than paid her community service dues, tells me that she joined a new board and is anxious to find out how she can add value with her skills and networks. She knows it is important to listen and assess first but is anxious to dig in. We also talk about ways to optimize some fundraising and networking she is doing for another organization.

Some weeks, I am the cheerleader for empowered boards. Other weeks, I receive inspiration. Have you received any Vitamin “Board”Shots lately?

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