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Nanette Fridman
President, Fridman Strategies, Inc.;
Public speaker and author of Holding the Gavel: What Nonprofit Board Leaders Need to Know and On Board: What Current and Aspiring Board Members Must Know About Nonprofits & Board Service; Juris Doctorate & Master’s in Public Policy, Georgetown University

Whether it’s a conference, workshop presentation, keynote address, retreat or training, Nanette’s speaking engagements are designed to inform, energize and motivate your audience and can be tailored to address any size group. Participants leave inspired, with specific, actionable strategies to use when they return to their own organizations.

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President Nanette Fridman speaks about a variety of topics pertaining to her professional work as a nonprofit consultant such as financial resource development, strategic planning, governance and leadership and her own personal philanthropic and volunteer areas of interest. She is always developing new topics – just ask. And, she can develop something just for you based on your audience and their needs.

“Your session was really great. I worked for a large sales/tech organization for many years and attended many terrific seminars. Your presentation was one of the best I’ve attended. I wish I could present in front of a group like you do, really fantastic!!!”

Max Y., Director of Development and Alumni Relations


“The training was wonderful. We are just so grateful for your energy, expertise and your ability to translate that to our board.”

Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director, Mayyim Hayyim

Sample Workshops and Training Sessions​

Board Development

  • Being a Board Member During Covid-19
  • Being Board Chair During Covid-19
  • Ready. Set. Serve (on a Board).
  • Empowering People for Successful Leadership and Transitions
  • What Board Members Need to Know
  • Nonprofit Governance Models that Work
  • Secrets of Highly Effective Boards
  • Committees that (Do) Work
  • Building the Board of the Future: Leadership Development, Nominating and Succession Planning Today
  • Leadership Succession: Planning with Intentionality
  • Recharging Your Board
  • Secret Strategies of Board Chairs and Executive Directives with Powerful Partnerships
  • Strategies for Common Challenges of Small Organizations’ Boards
  • Managing Your Board for Success
  • Ambassador Training

Communication and Facilitation Skills

  • Presentation Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Planning and Facilitating Powerful Meetings
  • Writing a Winning Case for Giving


  • Turning Your Board into Fundraisers
  • Secrets to Increasing Investment in Your Organization
  • So Long Silos: Everyone is on the Development Team
  • Effective Ways that Board Members Can Help Raise Fund without Ever Asking for Money
  • Formulating a Successful Financial Resource Development Plan
  • Developing a Strong Culture of Philanthropy
  • Storytelling for Fundraising
  • Fundamentals of Development: The Basics Every Board Should Understand
  • Making the Ask!: Solicitation Workshop
  • Donor Retention Through Relationships and Extraordinary Experiences
  • Philanthropic Pipeline Development to Grow Middle Tier and Major Giving Programs
  • Gen-What?: Generational-Centric Engagement
  • Running a Major Gifts Campaign
  • Best Practices for Obtaining Grants from Private and Corporate Foundations
  • Keeping the Spark Alive: Adding Donor Excitement to Annual Giving
  • Eventful Events
  • Grandparents’ Campaigns
  • The Fundamentals of Running a Capital or Endowment Campaign
  • Why Now is the Perfect Time to Have a Conversation About Values, Giving and  Your Family’s Legacy (Planned Giving)
  • The Integrated Ask
  • Recruiting, Training and Retaining Endowment Campaign Volunteers
  • Community Building and Cultivation Through Conversation

Organizational and Staff Development

  • Trends in Nonprofits
  • Start with Why?
  • Key Performance Indicators for Nonprofits
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light: How Nonprofits Can Use Dashboards to Monitor Organizational Wellness
  • Measuring Success: Monitoring Progress and Evaluation
  • Fostering Organizational Cultures for Success
  • The Role of Mentoring at Work
  • Learning to Coach for Managers
  • The Importance and Process of Meaningful Employee Evaluations
  • Middle Managers: The Challenges of Managing Up and Down
  • It’s About Time: Time Management​ to Achieve Your Goals
  • Mapping Your Organization’s Micro-Communities

Strategic Planning and Restructuring

  • What is Strategic Planning and Why Does My Organization Need to Do it
  • Designing the Right Strategic Planning Process
  • Increasing the Impact of Your Strategic Planning Efforts
  • How to Keep Your Strategic Plan off the Shelf ​
  • The Relationship Between Community Studies and Planning
  • The Collaboration Continuum
  • The Power of Partnering
  • Cultivating and Evaluating Prospective Partners​
  • Building Effective Collaborations and Strategic Alliances
  • Overview and Considerations for Nonprofit Mergers or Consolidations

Women’s Issues

  • Redesign Your Life at Any Stage: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Reflect, Renew and Reinvent Your!
  • Assertive Communication Skills for Professional Women
  • Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story
  • The Strategic Planning of You! for Women
  • Why Work-Life Balance is Everyone’s Challenge
  • Women and Philanthropy
  • Women in Politics

Jewish Interests

  • Proactive Synagogues: Approaches to Survive and Thrive
  • A Formula for Engagement: Bringing People into Modern Communal Life
  • Consolidation and Innovation in the American Jewish Community​
  • It’s About the People: Looking through the Lens of Relational Judaism
  • Start-Up Synagogues: Applying Innovative Thinking to Our Most Complex Challenges
  • Sustainable Day Schools

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