30 Jan

The Challenge of Relevancy: 5 Questions Your Nonprofit Should be Asking Now

I have heard from donors, staff, volunteers and board members that the US current political situation is causing them to make changes to messages, projections, priorities, programs and more.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Does your case for giving or call to action need to be updated? How does the current situation highlight the need for your mission, your services or your programs? Or how do you find a hook to make your cause more relevant?
  2. Does your fundraising target need to be adjusted? You could be like the ACLU and raise 6x you annual goal in a weekend or you could be feeling that your donor base is reallocating its philanthropic dollars to other causes due to changing priorities. Of course, related to this point is if you have an opportunity to raise significantly more funds, you need to make sure that you have the staff and resources to leverage (see number 5.)
  3. Do your organizational priorities articulated in your strategic plan or otherwise need to shift or be alternatively sequenced? Being nimble is the name of the game. Your board should be re-evaluating and changing or affirming its goals and priorities.
  4. Are the needs of the population your serve changed? Do they want or need different programmatic offerings or services?  Have you asked?
  5.  Given 1-4, are you allocating your staff, time and volunteer resources accordingly?  If there are changes to your organization (and I would venture to guess there are few organizations to which there won’t be), you need to discuss the operational impact.

Make sure your nonprofit is staying relevant and realistic during these changing  times!

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