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13 Apr

Resilience and Realism

This article originally appeared in eJP. It’s been a harrowing March and April. For nonprofits, the first two weeks were a period of shock, physical relocation and a crash...

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19 Jul

Board Chairs, Do You Want to Find Your Successor?

Today I am at a conference with 16 schools. I met this afternoon with the board chairs who are present to facilitate a break out session. While the discussion...

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11 Mar

7 Questions that Every Synagogue Should Be Asking

This article originally appeared March 11, 2014  on www.ejewishphilanthropy.com. You can view the original at ejewishphilanthropy.com/7-questions-that-every-synagogue-should-be-asking/ Sadly, too few board chairs, rabbis and executive directors of synagogues are focused...

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15 Dec

Stop Doing Well What You Shouldn't Be Doing At All

As a student and practitioner of organizational management, my bookshelf is lined with books by Peter Drucker, a pioneer in social and management theory and prolific writer. One of...

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