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31 Mar

Your Jewish Organization Needs to Think Like a B-Org

This article originally appeared on eJewishPhilanthropy.com. You can see the original at http://ejewishphilanthropy.com/your-jewish-organization-needs-to-think-like-a-b-org/ Please indulge the lawyer in me while we talk a little corporate law. Over the last...

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02 Sep

Why Your Organization Should be in Back to School Mode

The air is changing, and it is becoming dark earlier here in the Northeast. The stores have been in back-to-school mode for months. Yesterday I noticed that the Halloween...

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17 Jul

Being responsive to email: Reply, Acknowledge or Answer

People want you to be responsive to their emails. In fact, a recurring frustration that I hear from co-workers, management, volunteers, board members and donors is when they take...

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09 Apr

Where the Magic Happens: Professional and Lay Partnerships

Nonprofit magic happens when an organization has: (1) a strong professional leader and  (2) a dedicated and engaged board and (3) the two have a collaborative and well-tuned working...

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01 Jun

Why Making Other People Feel Good Should Be Part of Your Job

In his blog today, The Only Thing That Really Matters, Tony Schwartz, president and CEO of The Energy Project and the author of Be Excellent at Anything, highlights a...

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