Tag: Fundraising

28 Mar

Follow-Up Five From Fundraising Events

On a call today with a client following their big fundraising event, I asked how the Follow-Up Five were going.  Here are my top  five things nonprofits should do...

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24 May

A Quick Test for All Fundraising Events

Events are a popular and fun way to raise funds for an organization. The truth is that they can be an expensive way to do so. Before you commit...

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17 Dec

Check your Envelopes

One of the cardinal rules of life is above all, do no harm. One of the cardinal rules of fundraising is above all, do not agitate your donors or...

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09 Dec

Donor P+C

Despite how it may appear, the heart of successful fundraising is not the black tie event. It is donor prospecting and cultivation (P+C). For many small nonprofits, this is...

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