29 Mar

Spring Cleaning – Organizational Style

Despite the snow remaining on the ground here in Boston, all signs point to spring!  The birds are chirping. It is light well into the evening hours, and I even tempted fate by putting away the snow gear. Spring cleaning is in full form!

What does your organizational spring cleaning and prep entail? Here are ten of my spring must-dos:

1) Physically clean your office and meeting spaces.  Arrange to have the windows and rugs cleaned if it has been a long time.

2) Treat yourself and your office mates to some plants or flowers.

3) Go outside for meetings (if possible and appropriate), lunch or a quick walk during the day. Mini-breaks and doses of sunshine are great for productivity.

4) De-clutter your desk. What files have been hibernating on your desk?

5) Adopt or recommit to my favorite mantra, O-H-I-O: Only Handle It Once!

6) Use the change of season as an opportunity to set new coaching goals.

7) Get ahead of employee evaluations for those you supervise.

8) Set your own personal and professional goals for the spring.

9) Set or review the organizational calendar for the next quarter or 6 months.

10) Clean out your email  inbox. Respond, File or Trash.

What is on your organizational spring cleaning list? Happy organizing and cleaning!

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