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Nanette Fridman
President, Fridman Strategies, Inc.;
Public speaker and author of Holding the Gavel: What Nonprofit Board Leaders Need to Know and On Board: What Current and Aspiring Board Members Must Know About Nonprofits & Board Service; Juris Doctorate & Master’s in Public Policy, Georgetown University

Nanette Fridman is among the smartest, most strategic change makers I have met. She understands context, policy, opportunity for progress, and shares her understanding with clients and audiences with humor, a collaborative spirit, and the promise of doing good.

Dani Davis
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Girl Starter

Nanette speaks about a variety of topics pertaining to her professional work as an organizational consultant and coach such as empowered leadership, personal strategic planning, and building a team. She had spoken extensively about issues pertaining to philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, women and politics, and the American Jewish community. Her speaking engagements are designed to inform, energize and motivate your audience and can be tailored to address any size group. She is always developing new topics – just ask. And, she can develop something just for you based on your audience and their needs.

Speaking Topics

The Strategic Planning of YOU

Nanette Fridman was on the fast track when life threw her a curve ball. She took herself through a process that led her to where she is today — grateful to have discovered her purpose and have her professional and personal values and goals aligned. She is passionate about helping others live a meaningful life and is energized working with individuals and groups to learn how to do more of what matters. The Strategic Planning of YOU is the result!

It is not unusual for inertia ─ or circumstances and social pressure ─ to dictate decisions instead of our personal values and mission. If you haven’t taken the time to get clear on what is most important to you, you may be chasing after things that don’t matter. Creating the life that you want starts with self-discovery and creating a road map for your future.

Nanette shares her poignant journey and helps audience members call the important questions. What is your defining purpose? What are you here to do? What are your core values? Are your personal and professional values and goals aligned? How will you achieve your vision?

The Strategic Planning of YOU has been delivered as a keynote, a keynote followed by a breakout workshop and through a series of sessions.

Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story

How do we rally the courage to find our inner voice and speak our truth? And how can we use our voice to tell our and other people’s stories? Storyteller, activist and coach Nanette Fridman leads audiences through an interactive session that examines the transformational power of finding our voices and the fundamental way storytelling is used by leaders, organizations, companies and causes to inspire action. Audience members begin to formulate their stories and leave with the tools for memorable and impactful storytelling.

Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Nanette Fridman knows, like any of us who have started our own businesses, led an organization, managed a team, innovated, raised money or been successful, however you define success, it takes more than everything you’ve got. In order to stack the deck in your favor, you really need a personal board of directors.

Audience members leave with a clear understanding of exactly how and who to engage. Get started leveraging and utilizing your advisory board and see the power of this key differentiator.

Other Keynote Topics

  • Women and Philanthropy
  • Women in Politics
  • Proactive Synagogues: Approaches to Survive and Thrive
  • A Formula for Engagement: Bringing People into Modern Communal Life
  • Consolidation and Innovation in the American Jewish Community
  • Start-Up Synagogues: Applying Innovative Thinking to Our Most Complex Challenges
  • Sustainable Day Schools – The Solution May Shock You

In addition to keynote talks, Nanette offers workshops and trainings on Board Development, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Organizational and Staff Development, and Women’s Issues.

Nanette’s Speaker Brochure

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I attended the NATA conference in New Orleans hoping to bring back ideas, concepts and material that would help me make a difference at work. During her keynote address, Nanette not only conveyed information about being creative, she offered suggestions and handed out material that would be easily replicated.  She has a magical way of imparting information with humor and a sense of reality.  I was excited to come back to work armed with all kinds of valuable information and ideas thanks to Nanette.

Elyse Hyman
Executive Director

Nanette engages her audience from the moment she walks to the front of the room. She has a magnetic presence that provokes both awareness and action. She fosters new ideas and shifts ideas from ho hum to wow. She awakens her audience’s superpowers and makes people think differently and more importantly, walk away knowing how to take action.

Jill Goldenberg
Former Executive Director of PEJE
Goldenberg Solutions Group

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