Move Your Organization Forward

Founder Nanette Fridman and Representative Lori Ehrlich

A successful organization has a clearly articulated vision and has identified the best strategies to achieve their goals. But leaders often get bogged down with the day-to-day minutiae of their operation and visions can get clouded. The answer is having a strong, motivated and well-equipped support team to help drive your organization toward success.

Fridman Strategies, Inc. offers a range of services designed to focus your organization on the right priorities and arm them with best practices to implement for results. Our energizing approach will motivate and unify your lay and professional team members. We also work with teams to train them for the most effective implementation of your plan. Whatever combination of services is right for you, Nanette Fridman will bring a her passion to your organization and get you where you want to go, effectively and efficiently.

Fridman Strategies, Inc. offers the expertise to help you chart your course, execute your plan and move your organization forward.

Nanette is often called in to provide leadership coaching, help a nonprofit facilitate their strategic plan, make changes to their board’s organizational structure, or diversify their fundraising. After assessing your needs, Nanette will determine the fastest, most cost-effective way to address them. Service plans are designed after a thorough consultation and evaluation process.

Read about our primary service areas:

Strategic Planning

Good regular planning helps your organization learn, respond to change, and remain relevant. Whether it’s annual planning, financial resource development planning, your first attempt at long-term strategic planning, or time for an update, let us help you design and facilitate the right process.

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Board Development & Governance

We’ll align your board members and train them to work in sync to govern. From designing best practice organizational governance structures to clarifying board and individual responsibilities, to working on nominating  and succession planning, to training board members, we’ll impact your board’s performance. Let Fridman Strategies, Inc. fire up your board to be confident ambassadors, friendraisers and fundraisers!

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Financial Resource Development

Is development at the core of your organization? We work with you to put it there. We start by assessing and developing your capacity for philanthropy both operationally and culturally. We then design development plans and strategies that put programs in place to attract diversified funding.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership coaching for professionals and volunteers helps to ensure that leaders ​​​have the support, guidance, training and resources they need to carry out their demanding jobs to the best of their ability. By investing in people, organizations create growth cultures key for success and contribute to their overall organizational development and sustainability.

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Keynotes, Trainings & Workshops

Whether it’s a conference, workshop presentation, keynote address, retreat or training, Nanette’s speaking engagements are designed to inform, energize and motivate your audience and can be tailored to address any size group. Participants leave inspired, with specific, actionable strategies to use when they return to their own organizations.

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