10 Apr

S.E.E. to Make Good Decisions

Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level. In thinking recently about my consulting and coaching  work, it occurred to me that my job is often to ask  questions to the leaders and staff of organizations. I am  a thought-partner working both to brainstorm and be a sounding board in helping determine how to achieve the organization’s desired outcomes and further its mission.

Together, we use my S.E.E. Test ©:

S -Strategy – Why are we doing this? Does the proposed structure, action, program, initiative, position, event etc.  further the organization’s strategy and direction? Is it part of a larger plan? Is in in the right sequence? Are there other steps that are greater priority that should be done first?

E – Effective –  Are we confident that this action will achieve the intended outcome?  Will it do what we want it to? Why do we think it will yield the desired outcomes?  Why are we doing this instead of x, y or z?  Is the course of action the best choice available?  What are the key selection criteria?  Did we have the expertise necessary to know the full menu of choices and the pros and cons of each? How will we measure  progress or impact?

E – Efficient – How can we be smart about the execution so our action is done fast, within budget and on time?  Do we have the right people on the bus (Jim Collins, Good to Great)  to execute? Do they need training? Do we have what we need (could be technology or office space etc.) to be successful? Have we budgeted for the outlay of cash to fund the project?

As Peter Drucker so perfectly said,There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Next time you make a significant decision, use my S.E.E. Test © to check yourself or those on your team.  Let me know how it works!

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