“Nanette is an invaluable resource on everything strong nonprofits need to thrive — leadership, strategy, governance, management and more! Nanette is my go-to consultant, coach and facilitator whenever organizational leaders ask me with whom they should be working.”

Kimberlee Schumacher​
VP of Partnerships & Services
Combined Jewish Philanthropies

“I had the pleasure of working with Nanette Fridman twice over the span of a few months. Her training on Culture of Philanthropy resonated with our organization’s volunteer leaders and staff. For me personally, I learned a great deal from Nanette and have since put some of her best practices into motion. Any organization that works with Nanette will be the better for it.”

Daniel S. Hart
Director of Philanthropic Outreach, East Division

“Nanette’s professionalism and “finger on the pulse” of what’s trending in nonprofits today has helped steer our community into successful patterns with essential metrics. Nanette has worked with our area synagogues on how to “survive and thrive”, which was met with much acclaim and began the facilitation of difficult but necessary community planning and proactive conversation. She brought the Federation credibility in leading these discussions.  Nanette helped us launch our “Shark Tank” program in which investors (sharks) bought into collaborative offerings of agencies, synagogues and day schools working together.  This is amongst one of the most successful ventures of our Federation in recent years. Nanette’s warmth, intelligence, sense of humor and ability to fine tune the needs of a community make her a “must have” when embarking on change and when discussing the sustainability of today’s ever changing Jewish community.” ​​

Jennifer Weiss ​
Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey

“Thank you again so very much for your inspiring and energizing presentation to our Annual Fund Committee last night. We have gotten nothing but positive feedback. This is a great kick off to Annual Fund Campaign in which we hope to achieve record fundraising and participation!” ​​

Adrienne C. Morris ​
Director of Development & Alumnae Relations ​​
Lincoln School

“Nanette is deeply knowledgeable about the field of Development and is so effective at applying this theoretical understanding to our particular circumstances. Her engaging and personable manner made it very easy for me to learn a great deal in a short amount of time. Nanette has strengthened our Development program in important ways and we are already reaping the benefits.”

Susie Tanchel
Head of School
JCDS, Boston’s Jewish Community Day School

“Following Nanette Fridman’s board training sessions, the board and staff of the Artists Association of Nantucket felt re-energized, invigorated, and empowered. Nanette is a dynamic presence. Her encouragement and practical tips made us all feel like we were ready to tackle our strategic planning and governance issues with enthusiasm and confidence.”

​Cecil Barron Jensen
Executive Director
Artists Association of Nantucket

“Thank you again for a great presentation. I received only positive feedback from the board and staff. They really appreciated your thorough and organized overview, as well as the role-play exercises. They also commented on your upbeat and supportive approach.”

​Angela Lett
Director of Development & Communications
Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers

“​When I served as Interim Executive Director of the JCC, Nanette helped me manage very challenging situations, with the perspective of a seasoned businessperson and heart & soul of a friend. She was always available, always willing to listen and always able to offer ‘spot on’ strategic advice.”​

Julie Newburg​​
Managing Director
Hadassah Northeast

“Nanette was retained to provide strategic consulting services for our synagogue. I found Nanette to be efficient, easy to work with, highly engaging and practical with respect to our approach to strategic alternatives for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Nanette for future projects and would highly recommend her for any organization that is managing transition and looking at how best to be relevant in today’s forever changing world.”

Todd Miller
Temple Sinai

“I have worked with Nanette in multiple ways as a consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer.  On all occasions I have been impressed by her knowledge, her strategic vision and concrete suggestions.  I have learned so much by working with Nanette and her advice has been invaluable to our organization.  Nanette’s  training for our leadership teams was a huge success. Everyone learned a great deal and appreciated her ability to make the training interesting and  worthwhile.  Her easy style and sense of humor add to all that she does. I could not recommend Nanette more highly to any organization that wants to move their work forward and find success.”

Amy Silberstein
Director of Leadership Giving
Brookline Community Foundation

“Our organization has turned to Nanette over the last year for high level training for board leaders and professionals. While I’ve been doing this work for many years, I learn from Nanette every single time – content, format, and facilitation. She has led numerous trainings and strategic planning sessions to advance our work. She brings a depth of knowledge, a high level of positive energy, and is always open to new ideas and adapting her established presentations to the specific needs of her clients. I highly recommend Nanette as a consultant, coach, and trainer.”

Marci Mayer Eisen, MSW, ACC
Director, Millstone Institute/JProStl
Jewish Federation of St. Louis

“Nanette Fridman is among the smartest, most strategic change makers I have met. She understands context, policy, opportunity for progress, and shares her understanding with clients and audiences with humor, a collaborative spirit, and the promise of doing good.”

Dani Davis
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Girl Starter

“Nanette, your energy and expertise added so much to the conference, and we heard from many that your sessions were incredibly valuable to their day to day work. We are most grateful to you for your wonderfully interesting, thought-provoking and interactive sessions.”

Beverly Woznica
Managing Director
Financial Resource Development
Jewish Federations of North America

​”Nanette is enthusiastic, efficient, and an incredible listener. She puts herself in her client’s shoes, takes on the role of fearless leader, continues to move the dialogue/process forward: always keeping on point. We look forward to our next project together.”​

Penni Feiner
Executive Director
Kula for Karma​

“We knew we needed to change our Governance model and structure. We did most of the legwork in advance and then we hired Nanette to get us through the transition and help us realize the significance of this change. With Nanette’s enthusiasm, experience and knowledge, we now have unanimous consent to move forward. Nanette has the ability to make a strategic change in governance look like fun. Working with Nanette has instilled a new confidence in our lay Board and professional staff.”

Elyse Hyman
Executive Director
Temple Beth Avodah

“Nanette has been the pinnacle of our success in the statewide expansion of our organization. Her quick and efficient work, along with her attention to detail and expert advice in every aspect of our partnership has enabled us to grow from serving two schools to serving nine schools in one year! I would highly recommend that every non-profit organization seeking growth, stability, and/or cultural and procedural improvements request the support of Nanette.”

Sienna Daniel
Executive Director

“Nanette Fridman is a dynamic, creative, and engaging coach who worked with our Board and professional staff to strengthen their development skills by helping them become more comfortable engaging in fundraising conversations. She is also an excellent resource for new ideas and a sounding board for strategic thinking and implementation. “

Amy Gold
Head of School
Cohen Hillel Academy

“Nanette brings sharp analysis and a breadth of experience to bear on her work with clients. Her energy level is astounding and she grasps the essence of what needs to be done, quickly, efficiently and with tremendous intelligence. She gets it.”

Penny Schuler
Marketing Director
Jewish Community Center of the North Shore

“Nanette Fridman is a consultant extraordinaire – effective, personable, and professional!  She’s clearly an expert in her field and gives hand’s-on productive advice with step-by-step suggestions and guidance on growing your organization.  Whether it’s board development, governance particulars, or campaign navigation, Nanette provides tools; empowering and energizing me to reach my organization’s mission.  I’ve learned so much from her and know she has made tremendous positive footprints on the various organizations in which we’ve worked together.  I reference her counsel and apply it to immediate tasks, as well as adapt her recommendations to other nonprofits and everyday life.  In fact, I often refer to Nanette-isms and quote her at my board meetings! ”

“Her two books, Holding the Gavel and On Board provide practical and applicable information.  I refer to them often and use her material as a manual to equip me with strategies to reach specific goals.  When an acquaintance took on a board leadership role, I knew Nanette Fridman’s books were the best resource –  all together in a clear, no-nonsense package.  While Nanette’s workshops present valuable information, she is a fun, entertaining leader/facilitator and will frequently have her audience chuckling.  In a knowledgeable, relaxed manner, she informs, educates, and motivates.  I highly recommend Nanette Fridman’s services. ”

Penny Alper
Chair of the Board
Hillel at Washington University in St. Louis

“Nanette engages her audience from the moment she walks to the front of the room. She has a magnetic presence that provokes both awareness and action. She fosters new ideas and shifts ideas from ho hum to wow. She awakens her audience’s superpowers and makes people think differently and more importantly, walk away knowing how to take action.”

Jill Goldenberg
Former Executive Director

“The training was wonderful. We are just so grateful for your energy, expertise and your ability to translate that to our board.”

Carrie Bornstein
Executive Director
Mayyim Hayyim

“Thanks for a fantastically facilitated board retreat. The feedback was terrific! And, I think everyone actually wanted more. Could be a first for a board retreat that I’ve attended.”

​Jenny Amory
Executive Director
Brookline Community Foundation

“Every Board member thought you were awesome. Thank you – you took us right where I think we should go.”

​John P. Manning, Ed. D.
Executive Director
South Shore Mission Hub

“I have had the good fortune to work with Nanette on strategic planning. I found her to pay careful attention to designing a strategic planning process that suits our organization where it is at, conduct high-quality stakeholder interviews and ultimately, deliver a clear, well-thought out, powerful strategic plan that stakeholders can buy-into and implement. Both the process and the outcomes were outstanding.​​

“Having Nanette as a facilitator has been extremely productive and time effective for our organization. Her approach is informative, energizing, and collaborative, which keeps participants engaged and focused. She facilitates meetings in a way that helps people do their best thinking and has the wonderful ability to achieve consensus and agreeable outcomes.​​

“I am extremely grateful to have Nanette as a sounding board and trusted advisor. I have witnessed her coach some of our senior staff to help them grow into their positions by better defining their roles and responsibilities, strategizing how to best carry out their duties given their individual strengths and weaknesses, managing their team, and prioritizing the many tasks at hand. Nanette has a keen eye towards planning for the short and long term and anticipates challenges way ahead of time.”​

Ben Paul
After-School All-Stars

“Nanette Fridman truly impacted the success and validity of our organization. We were at a very pivotal point within our chapter and with Nanette’s guidance and expertise we were able to expand our efforts statewide. She is truly an amazing asset to our team.”

Aslyne Rodriguez
Co-Executive Diretor

“I’m delighted about meeting Nanette and working with Fridman Strategies, Inc. for strategic planning purposes.  She conducted thorough research on what other health departments were doing in the field and proposed ideas to the group.  Her approach was very welcoming as she listens to the customer and guides them in the proper direction.  I would recommend Fridman Strategies, Inc. as a solution to any company’s strategic needs.”

Dr. Swannie Jett, DrPH, MSc
Health Commissioner
Brookline Health and Human Services