Let’s Call this Meeting to Order


Time for roll call. Raise your hand if….

…you’re a board chair holding the gavel for the first time or returning to another year of your term, and you’re searching for strategies to set your board up for success.

…you’re a board chair in waiting, or committee member who wants to understand the workings of the board from a leader’s perspective.

…you’re a professional who works with boards, and want insight into how high-functioning boards should operate.

Everyone present? We have a quorum!

Now, onto our first order of business: download The Nonprofit Board Leader’s Planner, a workbook designed to give you the tools to lead effectively; work well with your board and the professional staff; set ground rules and run more productive, engaging and efficient meetings; identify and mitigate any gaps or challenges on your board; achieve the perfect balance between the board and the management team; and more!