22 Dec

Nonprofit Re-Branding

How valuable is your brand?

How does a potential donor react when she hears your organization’s name? Does your name, logo and tag line help people understand your mission, vision and the value that you contribute to the community?

Here are some hints that current perception of your brand is unfavorable and that it may be time to re-brand:

1. The organization doesn’t have the capacity to attract sufficient financial resources or even if it is squeaking by, it is not raising money from new donors.
2.The organization has trouble recruiting board members and/or filling leadership positions.
3. The agency isn’t attracting new people to events and programs.
4. There is no positive buzz or energy about the organization (beyond perhaps a few insiders) or worse, the agency’s reputation is negative or sullied.

If your agency decides to re-brand, don’t start by looking for a new name, logo and tag line. The first steps should be to look inside. What is your statement of need? Why do you exist? Review your mission and vision statements, check your programs and services against the mission and make sure that your leadership is capable of overseeing the carrying out of the mission and fulfilling your vision.

Once the essential work is done, you can outline the goal for your brand and create a plan for re-branding. To be successful, the new brand has to permeate the organization and resonate and reside with all the organization’s constituencies.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Be sure to handle it with care and to evaluate it honestly and frequently. Don’t be afraid to re-brand. If it is warranted, you can’t afford not to.

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  1. Keith Lane

    December 22, 2009

    Well done, Nanette. Right on target.

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