10 Dec

Build an On-Ramp

Nonprofits face a challenge when it comes to hiring. Most of the time, they can’t pay someone what that person  could make in the for-profit world for possessing and utilizing the same education and skill set. That being said, many smart people nonetheless choose to work in the nonprofit world for a variety of reasons such as the personal fulfillment offered by meaningful work and a  kinder and gentler work environment.

Like every employer, nonprofits are always looking for stars to hire. One group of potential employees in particular that nonprofits should keep an eye out for are parents, mainly but not exclusively women, who have opted-out of the workforce for a duration while their children are infants and toddlers and are seeking to return at a later point. Making a visible and accessible  on-ramp for these folks who have previously taken an  off-ramp from their career paths can be an excellent recruitment advantage for nonprofits.

In many cases, those looking to on-ramp have for-profit or other desirable experiences and skill sets that can be very useful and otherwise hard to obtain for nonprofits.  For the people looking to on-ramp, nonprofits may offer a more family friendly work environment and working hours more conducive to balancing work and family life.

Building on-ramps can be a true win-win!

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