11 Apr

Invest in Developing Your Leader

Most boards know that they are responsible for hiring and firing the professional leader of their organization. Equally important, some committee, whether executive or personnel, should take seriously a disciplined and meaningful cycle of evaluation and development planning for its leader.

Leaders are selected for an organization at a moment in time during which they organization is seeking particular skills, energy or attributes for the stage and place the organization is in. Organizations’ needs evolve as people grow and evolve.

No one is perfect. We all have areas in which we can improve and further develop.

If the leader has the passion for the mission, vision for the organization, noteworthy core talents and skills and the  respect and trust of the organization and its constituencies, the board should consider investing in the leader with executive coaching or other professional development tools.

Mature, secure leaders are able to earnestly assess their own strengths and weaknesses and should welcome feedback and the opportunity to refine or improve their skills.

While expenditures of  time, energy and finances are required for leadership development, it can be a good investment for an organization if their leader’s performance shows real promise .

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