04 Apr

Hats Off to My MIL

I just said goodbye to my husband’s mother after a week-long visit.  A firiend and I were talking and they can’t believe how well we get along and how I welcome her visits. For starters, my mother-in-law (“MIL”), Rachel, couldn’t be more lovely or appreciative for our attention and time. Secondly, we like many of the same things, for starters, my husband, my children, Israel, CVS and Target, pictures, genealogy and  the Food Network. Thirdly, what I realized during this visit is that I also like being around my mother-in-law because she gives me hope for what 80 can look like.

How would I describe her. .


She  lives independently  in Mexico City.

Adventurous and Worldly

Rachel travels to the States and to Israel more frequently than I go to NYC or DC (from Boston). She speaks four languages fluently and is proficient in a couple others.

Adaptable and Pace Keeping

My MIL has two cellphones – one for Mexico and one for the States. When she is in Israel, she rents a separate phone. She learned how to email at 78.

Engaged in the World

She is often wanting to discuss in-depth current world events that I only know headline level information about (and I read 2 papers minimum and get several daily emails from various organizations).


Rachel has breakfast monthly with her friends from kindergarten. She has people around the globe that she writes, calls and now emails! She was explaining to me that she was busy before she came sending out her 20+ Passover packages to friends and family.

With a Splash of Polite Chutzpah

When the doctors told my MIL that she needed eye surgery on both eyes but recommended she have them one at a time and several months apart, she thanked them and decided to have them done at the same time. When my husband and brother-in-law “advise” her on matters, she listens dutifully and then does exactly as she pleases.

I like Rachel and if this is what 80 can look like, I will like 80 too!

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