19 Feb

Fundraising Lessons Overheard on Atlantic Avenue

Every year my family and I come to Delray for vacation. My kids love seeing their Bubbie (grandmother) and my husband and I have some nice time on our own for R&R and to enjoy the sunshine in stark contrast to Boston’s winter. This year while I am in town I have had the pleasure of mixing business and pleasure and speaking to a group and visiting with some clients.  I love my work so this was really an added bonus to what is always a great week.

The other night, after running into a community foundation professional from a community  up north that I am working with who also happens to be in town, my husband and I started waking back to our hotel down Atlantic Avenue, the main drag in downtown Delray.  We were discussing the role of community foundations and planned giving.  As if scripted from a television show or movie, stopped at a cross-walk a block later,  I overhear two older gentlemen talking. The more senior of the two says, ” A man gets to 85 and wants a legacy.” Exactly! This is is why raising endowment is truly a win-win. Endowment fundraising is essential for nonprofits for sustainability AND is a wonderful vehicle for people to express their values and leave a lasting legacy.

I am going to enjoy the rest of my vacation but I am looking forward to getting back to work next week and helping clients and their long-term donors secure their legacies through endowment campaigns.






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