30 Mar

Craft Cultivation and Artisanal Stewardship

We live in the age of craft beer, craft iced tea and craft coffee. Stores sell artisanal bread, cheese, wine and other products.  Why are “craft” and “artisanal” all the rage?

Because they require expertise and care. They are more thoughtful and special than mass-produced drinks and food. The names indicate they took time and effort. They are higher quality and more distinctive. These goods were made by hand with love.

Fundraisers need to practice craft cultivation and artisanal stewardship. There is no one size fits all. To successfully educate and engage your prospective donors and to retain your current donors requires your effort, expertise, care and creativity. It takes tremendous time. The more distinctive, individualized and thoughtful the “touches” are the more warmly you will be received.

Consumers may love craft drinks and artisanal food but donors love those who love them most and best. Be the development professional that delivers craft cultivation and artisanal stewardship and watch your fundraising goals rise faster than Whole Foods’ prices.


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