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19 Feb

Fundraising Lessons Overheard on Atlantic Avenue

Every year my family and I come to Delray for vacation. My kids love seeing their Bubbie (grandmother) and my husband and I have some nice time on our...

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19 Feb

Book Review: On Board

This article originally appeared on Sustainable Museums on February 11, 2016.  On Board is available for purchase on Amazon.  If you would like to order 20 or more copies for your...

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01 Feb

Why Your Case Statement is Not Enough

This article originally appeared on eJP. You work hard to make a compelling and inspirational case for support, beautifully articulating why people should financially support your organization. You have...

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21 Jan

I Just Called to Say I Love You: Board Members as Stewards

This article originally appeared in eJP. By Nanette Fridman and Jennifer Weinstock We all want our board members to be focused on development – to do those solicitations! So...

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04 Nov

Identifying Prospective Board Members

This article original appeared on the National Afterschool Association. “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to...

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11 Jun

How Your Synagogue Can Avoid the Summer Slide

This article originally appeared in eJP. Parents sometimes worry that kids will be behind in math in the fall because they forget so much over the summer. Educators call...

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23 Dec

Being Donor-Centric & Timely

Much has been written about and discussed about the idea of nonprofits being donor-centric. This term is most often used to refer to enabling donors to give within the...

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16 Dec

VEGAS baby

In the course of helping clients hire professional staff or fill leadership lay roles, I tell them to go for VEGAS.  What is VEGAS? “V” is for vision. You...

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23 Nov

To err is human, but will donors forgive?

Life is full of teachable moments. When I make mistakes, I try to find the learning. In the past two weeks, I have been on the receiving end of...

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23 Jun

Bringing Innovation into Mature Organizations

This article originally appeared in You can view the original at By Laura Fish and Nanette Fridman Across North America well-established Jewish organizations are working hard to...

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