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30 Jan

The Challenge of Relevancy: 5 Questions Your Nonprofit Should be Asking Now

I have heard from donors, staff, volunteers and board members that the US current political situation is causing them to make changes to messages, projections, priorities, programs and more....

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20 Jan

The (Not So) Secret Trio to Get Your Board to Fundraise

One of the questions that executive directors and development directors ask me the most is, “How can I get my board to fundraise?” My answer is that boards need...

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22 Nov

Are Your Donors Bored with Your Annual Campaign? Time for a Makeover!

This article originailly appeared in eJP. By Nanette Fridman and Jennifer Weinstock Do you ever feel like you are boring your donors? Or boring yourself? Not excited about your...

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18 Nov

Five Questions to Determine Your Organizational Development Priorities

This article originally appeared on eJP.   By Nanette R. Fridman and Laura Fish As the year comes to a close and our thoughts turn to 2017, it is...

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01 Nov

Authenticity and Customization in Stewardship

  I spend a lot of time training and coaching clients about the need to cultivate and steward donors with personal touches. One would think that when I saw...

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08 Aug

KISS Your Fundraising Plan!

I had lunch last week with one of my favorite field fundraisers. This woman has the passion, the personality and the organization to be a stellar fundraiser. In talking...

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06 May

How I Try to Best Help Job Seekers

Tis the season of meeting with many people looking for jobs.  I am always happy to talk with new college grads, recent grads, people switching or returning to the...

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04 May

10 Things Nonprofits Can Do to Set Employees Up for Success

To set employees up for success and help them realize their potential, here are ten things nonprofits can do. Determine the right organizational structure Craft job positions relative to both...

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01 May

Synagogues that Get "It"

I met with a young rabbinical student this morning. We had an inspiring conversation, the kind that fills you with promise for the future. She asked me what commonalities...

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22 Mar

Looking Under the Hood

There are a few scenarios that have presented themselves lately which have caused me to wonder: Should an organization let a donor or prospective donor, or a respected community...

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