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30 Mar

Craft Cultivation and Artisanal Stewardship

We live in the age of craft beer, craft iced tea and craft coffee. Stores sell artisanal bread, cheese, wine and other products.  Why are “craft” and “artisanal” all...

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25 Mar

Vitamin "B" Shots

I have to admit I don’t really know anything about vitamin B shots except that I have heard people get them for increased energy. This week I got my...

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16 Mar

7 Tips for Board Meeting Optimization

Board meetings sometimes should be called “bored meetings”. Some executives and leaders just check-off preparing for and hosting board meetings like another to do on a long list. And...

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12 Mar

Synagogue Self-Assessment: Are you Positioned to Survive or Thrive?

Synagogues no longer can take for granted business as usual. To assess your synagogue’s real situation, start with an honest assessment using the questions below in partnership with your...

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06 Mar

Leadership Succession: Familiar Steps

One of the key things I advise clients when planning for leadership succession is to treat the process like you would fundraising. Prospect Create a pool of potential leaders based...

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02 Mar

Six Synagogues – An Oversimplified Lay of the Land

I spend a lot of time in the synagogue space. A colleague asked me for a overview of what I am seeing the most. Here are 6 oversimplified, overgeneralized...

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28 Feb

Finding Our Ball in the Pool

Having just returned from the vacation, I was struck by how effortlessly my kids always seem to strike up a game of catch in the pool with any and...

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16 Feb

The Major Gifts Wonder Ball

The wonder ball, goes round and round To pass it quickly, you are bound If you’re the one, to hold it last The game is past, and you are...

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15 Feb

Don't Take the Easy Way Out When Setting Development Targets

I would be a wealthy woman if I had a dollar for every time I heard a version of, “We added a percentage increase over last year’s dollars raised to...

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06 Feb

Before You Say "Yes" to the Board Position

As a consultant to nonprofits, I spend a lot of time helping boards to clearly articulate their roles and responsibilities for board service and advising nominating (or leadership development) committees...

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