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03 Jan

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Executive Directors and CEOs

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Executive Directors and CEOs 1. I will set side time to do big picture, strategic thinking each week. 2. I will take a...

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15 Aug

Increase the Likelihood of Nonprofit Success through Coaching

This was originally published in the massnonprofit news. By Kathy Cohen and Nanette Fridman Of all the investments that nonprofits could make, but frequently don’t, is in the managers...

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30 Jul

6 Questions to Ask if Your Organization’s Work Feels Overwhelming

In my practice of coaching executives and working with their teams, I often hear that they feel their work load is overwhelming. Many contend that this holds true across...

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24 Jul

Start the Year Off Right: Foundations for Development Success

By Nanette Fridman and Jennifer Weinstock This article originally appeared on eJP. How many times have you asked your development team or CEO, “What did we do last year?”...

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18 Jul

Six Actions to Take Now to Optimize Your Board for the Year

Are you taking advantage of the summer to plan for your board’s year? During this quieter time, I suggest taking these six actions to set your board up for...

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30 Oct

Out of Bounds

In my 20s, I was a young lawyer, and a board member and chair of the legal committee of the board. During my first year, a gentleman, who had...

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23 May

Leverage the Learning

Kudos to those who pay for staff and board members to go to professional development trainings and conferences or provide in-house continuing learning opportunities. Investing in your people can...

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30 Apr

Connecting the Dots Looking Back

Two unlikely threads converged this week for me, and I had a flashback. I was delighted to read that Steven Rakitt has been named the President of the Genesis...

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26 Apr

What’s Next? Beyond Annual Dinners

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post entitled The Courage to Kill It that asked if organizations really are getting the ROI on their annual events to warrant...

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24 Apr

The Courage to Kill It

  We are in the height of fundraising season. Every week is packed with events between now and mid-June. Your annual dinner is the focal point of the spring....

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