Category: Politics

28 Dec

Where's the Passion?

One of the most memorable lines from my childhood was the Wendy’s commercial in which Clara Peller asks “Where’s the beef?” I find myself today asking, “Where’s the passion?”...

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21 Dec

Leverage the Usual Suspects

I asked a friend the other day about an event that she went to and she replied that the usual suspects were there. She didn’t need to say another...

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17 Dec

Check your Envelopes

One of the cardinal rules of life is above all, do no harm. One of the cardinal rules of fundraising is above all, do not agitate your donors or...

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10 Dec

Build an On-Ramp

Nonprofits face a challenge when it comes to hiring. Most of the time, they can’t pay someone what that person  could make in the for-profit world for possessing and...

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05 Dec

Response time

I am a firm believer that with few exceptions people should respond to all emails and phone calls within 48 hours. At the very least, take two seconds to...

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04 Dec

What I miss about DC

I went to an AIPAC event last night.  (I was an AIPAC intern in 1992 in Washington, DC and have been involved with AIPAC ever since.) The event was...

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