Category: Organizing

09 Dec

Donor P+C

Despite how it may appear, the heart of successful fundraising is not the black tie event. It is donor prospecting and cultivation (P+C). For many small nonprofits, this is...

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08 Dec

Member Privacy and the Well Intentioned Coupon

This week I received a mailing from a for-profit  business that was sent to the members of a nonprofit organization of which I am a member. The business is...

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07 Dec

Making Volunteering Work

I have heard it theorized that there are fewer volunteers today because of the sharp increase in dual-income households. This doesn’t take into account the increase in numbers of...

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06 Dec

Mission Check

Through my volunteer and professional work, I am often in planning, board, strategy, event, and every other kind of meeting that you can imagine.  It happens to the best...

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05 Dec

Response time

I am a firm believer that with few exceptions people should respond to all emails and phone calls within 48 hours. At the very least, take two seconds to...

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03 Dec

Meeting Maven

When my son (now almost 7) started preschool, the kids were talking about their parents professions and my son told his class that my job was to go to...

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