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23 Oct

Why Some Organizations Survive and Others Don’t

It is not easy to be in any business, especially the nonprofit business. As a strategic planner and organizational development consultant, people often call me when their organization is...

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13 Oct

5 Things Your Nonprofit Must Have Clarity On

Consultants overuse a lot of words. I have tried to ban “thinking outside-of-the-box” and “synergy” from my vernacular. The one word that I can’t use enough though is “clarity.”...

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06 Oct

The Truth Will Set You Free, But First. .

  This article originally appeared on eJP. As the famous Gloria Steinem said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” This is a...

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12 Aug

Is Your Synagogue Being Proactive?

This article originally appeared on eJP. This summer the Boston area has been abuzz with major synagogue changes. First was the news from Brookline’s Congregation Kehillath Israel that it plans to...

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04 Jun

My Board Won’t Do ANYTHING!

This article originally appeared on eJP on June 4, 2015. The frustration of many executive directors and development professionals is palpable. They need their boards’ help to raise the...

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22 May

Development Directors Must Manage Up

This article was co-authored by my friend and colleague, Jennifer Weinstock, and it originally appeared on eJP. Does your organization have an Executive Director or a CEO without significant...

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25 Apr

Job Descriptions and Due Diligence as the Foundations for Board Success

This article originally appeared in eJPhilanthropy. Would you ever hire someone for a job without explaining his or her duties? Throughout my years of training boards, board members have...

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15 Apr

Every Nonprofit Owes It to Itself to Get Its Board on Board

This review originally appeared in the MassNonprofit News. Every Nonprofit Owes It to Itself to Get Its Board on Board Nonprofit boards usually comprise different personalities, but they have...

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24 Mar

A Formula for Empowered Leadership

This article originally appeared on eJewishPhilanthropy at Phew, your leadership development or nominating committee filled all the open seats on your board. What a relief! Sadly, too many...

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07 Jan

Planning Successful Nonprofit Board Meetings

Part of our duty to nonprofit board members is to ensure that their valuable and donated time is both respected and well-spent. To that end, successful board leadership requires...

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