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24 Mar

A Formula for Empowered Leadership

This article originally appeared on eJewishPhilanthropy at Phew, your leadership development or nominating committee filled all the open seats on your board. What a relief! Sadly, too many...

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23 Dec

Being Donor-Centric & Timely

Much has been written about and discussed about the idea of nonprofits being donor-centric. This term is most often used to refer to enabling donors to give within the...

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24 Nov

Play with Your Philanthropy

My husband proudly shared with our family over dinner the other night that his team for the food collection drive at the office had executed a secret strategy he...

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03 Jan

Boards: You Don't Have to Fundraise

Before starting a fundraising training session that I was leading the other day, a board member lamented how they hated asking people for money. Another said that she wished...

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09 Apr

Where the Magic Happens: Professional and Lay Partnerships

Nonprofit magic happens when an organization has: (1) a strong professional leader and  (2) a dedicated and engaged board and (3) the two have a collaborative and well-tuned working...

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03 Jun

Good Fundraising Practices are Like Dieting

I recently went on a diet or as my nutritionist would say, “changed my eating habits”, by essentially eating a fixed number of calories  averaged over the week and...

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17 Jan

After Party

Organizations have events for a variety of reasons.Most events can be categorized as primarily for: fundraising, mission fulfillment or outreach and engagement. Too often organizations say goodbye to the...

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31 Dec

Planning for Your Community’s Future

Below is an article that I wrote that was published by Planning for Your Community’s Future December 31, 2009 by eJP by Nanette Fridman As we embark upon...

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27 Dec

Rethinking "Young Leadership"

A lot of organizations have young leadership groups or membership categories. The purpose of these  is to educate people and engage folks about the organization when they are starting...

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22 Dec

Nonprofit Re-Branding

How valuable is your brand? How does a potential donor react when she hears your organization’s name? Does your name, logo and tag line help people understand your mission,...

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