Category: Family

28 Feb

Finding Our Ball in the Pool

Having just returned from the vacation, I was struck by how effortlessly my kids always seem to strike up a game of catch in the pool with any and...

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04 Apr

Hats Off to My MIL

I just said goodbye to my husband’s mother after a week-long visit.  A firiend and I were talking and they can’t believe how well we get along and how...

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10 Dec

Build an On-Ramp

Nonprofits face a challenge when it comes to hiring. Most of the time, they can’t pay someone what that person  could make in the for-profit world for possessing and...

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07 Dec

Making Volunteering Work

I have heard it theorized that there are fewer volunteers today because of the sharp increase in dual-income households. This doesn’t take into account the increase in numbers of...

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06 Dec

Mission Check

Through my volunteer and professional work, I am often in planning, board, strategy, event, and every other kind of meeting that you can imagine.  It happens to the best...

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