Category: Community

17 Dec

Check your Envelopes

One of the cardinal rules of life is above all, do no harm. One of the cardinal rules of fundraising is above all, do not agitate your donors or...

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16 Dec

Closed Circuit

My husband is going to be a “special guest” in my son’s class this week as they close their unit on community and invite parents to come in to...

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11 Dec

Avoid Volunteer Burnout

It happens all the time. An organization  has a volunteer who is a  powerhouse. She knows how to get things done, requires minimal supervision and has boundless energy and...

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10 Dec

Build an On-Ramp

Nonprofits face a challenge when it comes to hiring. Most of the time, they can’t pay someone what that person  could make in the for-profit world for possessing and...

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06 Dec

Mission Check

Through my volunteer and professional work, I am often in planning, board, strategy, event, and every other kind of meeting that you can imagine.  It happens to the best...

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