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30 Jan

Let’s Really Talk about Committees

Day in and day out, what boards can achieve is limited by their lack the (wo)man power to get things done. Why is this? Boards have a logical committee...

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10 Dec

Six Meeting “Must Says”

When I got married, my mother told my husband there were three phrases that would make me happy and that he should say every day: “Honey, you look great.”...

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03 Aug

Volunteer Engagement Today: Committee Volunteers, Task Force Members and Volunteer Task Rabbit

My dear friend Simi Kaplin Baer texted me yesterday to ask an important question.  Why doesn’t the nonprofit organization which she is deeply involved with as a volunteer understand that she is happy to...

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22 Mar

Looking Under the Hood

There are a few scenarios that have presented themselves lately which have caused me to wonder: Should an organization let a donor or prospective donor, or a respected community...

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03 May

Key Questions for Recruiting Your Campaign Committee

I wrote this article with my friend and colleague Jennifer Weinstock, and it originally appeared on eJPhilanthropy. HELP! No one will join my Campaign Committee! Does this story sound...

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