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14 Dec

Building Alliances

One of my most favorite types of work is  alliance development. What is an alliance?  An alliance is an agreement between two or more entities in which they agree...

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10 Dec

Build an On-Ramp

Nonprofits face a challenge when it comes to hiring. Most of the time, they can’t pay someone what that person  could make in the for-profit world for possessing and...

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09 Dec

Donor P+C

Despite how it may appear, the heart of successful fundraising is not the black tie event. It is donor prospecting and cultivation (P+C). For many small nonprofits, this is...

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07 Dec

Making Volunteering Work

I have heard it theorized that there are fewer volunteers today because of the sharp increase in dual-income households. This doesn’t take into account the increase in numbers of...

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