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18 Dec

Creating a Board Book

In my new book, On Board: What Current and Aspiring Board Members Must Know About Nonprofits & Board Service, I recommend making a board book for each member of...

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16 Dec

VEGAS baby

In the course of helping clients hire professional staff or fill leadership lay roles, I tell them to go for VEGAS.  What is VEGAS? “V” is for vision. You...

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07 Dec

The Cost of Bad Board Members

Today I got a note about my new book, On Board: What Current and Aspiring Board Members Must Know About Nonprofits & Board Service from “Fred,” a long-time communal...

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23 Nov

To err is human, but will donors forgive?

Life is full of teachable moments. When I make mistakes, I try to find the learning. In the past two weeks, I have been on the receiving end of...

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14 Sep

7 Suggestions for Synagogues at the “Apple Reveal” of the Jewish Calendar

This article originally appeared on and can be seen at My 11 year old like much of the world was aware of the Apple iPhone 6 reveal...

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31 Mar

Your Jewish Organization Needs to Think Like a B-Org

This article originally appeared on You can see the original at Please indulge the lawyer in me while we talk a little corporate law. Over the last...

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08 Jan

Call It Like It Is

When a prospective client for strategic planning wants to start immediately, I am suspect  As the conversation proceeds, I often learn that the decision to now engage in planning...

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03 Jan

Boards: You Don't Have to Fundraise

Before starting a fundraising training session that I was leading the other day, a board member lamented how they hated asking people for money. Another said that she wished...

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10 Apr

S.E.E. to Make Good Decisions

Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level. In thinking recently about my consulting and coaching  work, it occurred to me that my job is often to...

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31 Mar

For Values "Show, Don't Tell"

Many organizations, in addition to their mission and vision statements, have a values statement. A values statement is a set of beliefs and principles that guide an organization’s decision-making....

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