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20 Jan

The (Not So) Secret Trio to Get Your Board to Fundraise

One of the questions that executive directors and development directors ask me the most is, “How can I get my board to fundraise?” My answer is that boards need...

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22 Nov

Are Your Donors Bored with Your Annual Campaign? Time for a Makeover!

This article originailly appeared in eJP. By Nanette Fridman and Jennifer Weinstock Do you ever feel like you are boring your donors? Or boring yourself? Not excited about your...

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18 Nov

Five Questions to Determine Your Organizational Development Priorities

This article originally appeared on eJP.   By Nanette R. Fridman and Laura Fish As the year comes to a close and our thoughts turn to 2017, it is...

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01 Nov

Authenticity and Customization in Stewardship

  I spend a lot of time training and coaching clients about the need to cultivate and steward donors with personal touches. One would think that when I saw...

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03 Aug

Volunteer Engagement Today: Committee Volunteers, Task Force Members and Volunteer Task Rabbit

My dear friend Simi Kaplin Baer texted me yesterday to ask an important question.  Why doesn’t the nonprofit organization which she is deeply involved with as a volunteer understand that she is happy to...

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22 Mar

Looking Under the Hood

There are a few scenarios that have presented themselves lately which have caused me to wonder: Should an organization let a donor or prospective donor, or a respected community...

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06 Nov

Top 15 List to Make the Most of Year-End Fundraising and Marketing (It’s not too late!)

The fourth quarter is key for most nonprofits looking to hit their fundraising numbers. Be prepared for a strong finish with these top 15 tips to make the most...

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26 Oct

Can Boards Choose the Present Over the Future?

I led a strategic planning process for an organization, and we started exploring options for their future given their limited current revenue, their aging and decreasing membership and their...

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23 Oct

Why Some Organizations Survive and Others Don’t

It is not easy to be in any business, especially the nonprofit business. As a strategic planner and organizational development consultant, people often call me when their organization is...

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13 Oct

5 Things Your Nonprofit Must Have Clarity On

Consultants overuse a lot of words. I have tried to ban “thinking outside-of-the-box” and “synergy” from my vernacular. The one word that I can’t use enough though is “clarity.”...

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