Author: Nanette Fridman

26 Mar

The S Word

Succession. In some nonprofits, this word causes anxiety, panic, fear and desperation. If your organization struggles with succession, most likely the organization has other systemic challenges at hand. This...

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25 Feb

No Guts, No Glory

I was flipping through the endless cable stations one evening and came across some  80s’ movie. I stopped flipping just long enough to hear a coach say to a...

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21 Feb

Planning and Investment

I am sitting in my hotel room overlooking Delray Beach while my 3 year old sleeps after a  fantastic morning at the pool and lunch. My family and I...

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21 Jan

Expertise Every Board Needs

Most nominating committees recognize the need for those with financial and legal expertise to sit on their boards. Here are some additional fields from which boards should be looking...

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17 Jan

After Party

Organizations have events for a variety of reasons.Most events can be categorized as primarily for: fundraising, mission fulfillment or outreach and engagement. Too often organizations say goodbye to the...

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12 Jan

Perpetual Beta

Many organizations in the nonprofit world are seeking to redefine and reinvent themselves. It is important for the  leaders of these organizations seeking to make themselves relevant to a...

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08 Jan


You only have to spend a short period of time in an organization to get a feeling for the environment. Is it formal or informal? Are the people who...

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31 Dec

Planning for Your Community’s Future

Below is an article that I wrote that was published by Planning for Your Community’s Future December 31, 2009 by eJP by Nanette Fridman As we embark upon...

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28 Dec

Where's the Passion?

One of the most memorable lines from my childhood was the Wendy’s commercial in which Clara Peller asks “Where’s the beef?” I find myself today asking, “Where’s the passion?”...

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27 Dec

Rethinking "Young Leadership"

A lot of organizations have young leadership groups or membership categories. The purpose of these  is to educate people and engage folks about the organization when they are starting...

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