Author: Nanette Fridman

20 Aug

Writing for a World that Doesn’t Read

Those responsible for communicating with nonprofit constituencies (donors, activists, board members, even employees etc.) have a tough job these days. They need to reach out to people and craft...

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16 Aug

The Loneliest Job in the World, the Executive Director

President Kennedy was dubbed to have the loneliest job in the world by The New York Times during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961. A lot has changed since...

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17 Jul

Being responsive to email: Reply, Acknowledge or Answer

People want you to be responsive to their emails. In fact, a recurring frustration that I hear from co-workers, management, volunteers, board members and donors is when they take...

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10 Apr

S.E.E. to Make Good Decisions

Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level. In thinking recently about my consulting and coaching  work, it occurred to me that my job is often to...

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09 Apr

Where the Magic Happens: Professional and Lay Partnerships

Nonprofit magic happens when an organization has: (1) a strong professional leader and  (2) a dedicated and engaged board and (3) the two have a collaborative and well-tuned working...

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31 Mar

For Values "Show, Don't Tell"

Many organizations, in addition to their mission and vision statements, have a values statement. A values statement is a set of beliefs and principles that guide an organization’s decision-making....

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29 Mar

Spring Cleaning – Organizational Style

Despite the snow remaining on the ground here in Boston, all signs point to spring!  The birds are chirping. It is light well into the evening hours, and I...

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28 Mar

Follow-Up Five From Fundraising Events

On a call today with a client following their big fundraising event, I asked how the Follow-Up Five were going.  Here are my top  five things nonprofits should do...

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01 Sep

Why Your Organization Should Be in Back to School Mode

This article originally appeared on The air is changing, and it is becoming dark earlier here in the Northeast. The stores have been in back-to-school mode for months....

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03 Jun

Good Fundraising Practices are Like Dieting

I recently went on a diet or as my nutritionist would say, “changed my eating habits”, by essentially eating a fixed number of calories  averaged over the week and...

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