Author: Nanette Fridman

23 Sep

Post-High Holidays Road Map for Synagogues

For more than half a year, most synagogues have been physically closed, but working to keep their communities open and connected virtually in prayer, learning, programs and activities. Some...

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10 Sep

I Didn’t Sign Up for This. Now What?

Being a board chair in ordinary times is challenging. There are numerous relationships to manage, meetings to co-design and lead, areas requiring oversight, and planning and evaluating to be...

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24 Aug

The Zoom Room Your Board is Missing

Do you know where the most honest, insightful and productive board conversations historically took place pre-Covid? If you just said the parking lot, then you’re likely a veteran board...

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11 Aug

No Rest for the Weary: Where Do Nonprofit Boards Go From Here

Impressive. Since mid-March, your board chair and your CEO/ED have provided invaluable leadership. Attendance at your regular and emergency board meetings has never been better. Board members are engaged,...

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30 Jul

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Investigation Reminds Leaders about Workplace Culture

After months of leaks and rumors about misconduct, it is now being reported that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is under internal investigation by WarnerMedia. This follows a series of allegations...

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07 Jun

Sorry, There is No Hiatus for Nonprofit Boards This Summer

During more ordinary times, many boards have a hiatus during the summer months. Some skip June or July. Other have no regular meetings in July or August. Not this...

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13 Apr

Resilience and Realism

This article originally appeared in eJP. It’s been a harrowing March and April. For nonprofits, the first two weeks were a period of shock, physical relocation and a crash...

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07 Apr

Week 4: All Fundraisers Should be Having Legacy Worthy Conversations during COVID-19

Events and galas have been cancelled and postponed. Original spring appeals were pulled. Nonetheless, over the last month, I (and many other fundraising experts) have encouraged nonprofits to continue...

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30 Mar

Week 3: Get Off the Constant Fundraising Webinars and Do These Things Instead

It’s been over two weeks of working from home and there have been lots of webinars (including several by yours truly). This week my best advice to all the...

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23 Mar

What Employees Should be Doing Now in Light of COVID-19

When I was a lawyer, we had 2 rounds of layoffs in 3 years between 2000 and 2003. There are going to be furloughs and layoffs across the nonprofit...

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