12 Mar

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Donors When Your Event is Cancelled or Postponed

During this uncertain time, many fundraising events are getting postponed or cancelled. Here is what you should do if you are in this situation:

1. Call all your donors and thank you them for their continued support and ask how they are holding up. The epidemic is stressful for everyone. Listen. listen relationships care

2. Send out the video you made for your event over email, on social and on your website. humblebrag showimpact collateral

3. Prepare a report of the impact of the Coronavirus on your staff, operations, services and programs, and the population you serve. What are additional ways to help? transparency beasolutionprovider community weareallinthistogether (Later on will be the time to talk about the impact on your budget.)

4. Continue to share impact stories through your newsletter, blog, podcast, vlog, social media and website. share stories impact communicate

5. Once your event is rescheduled or the decision is made to not reschedule your event, communicate with transparency to donors the thinking behind your decision. transparency communication

Nanette Fridman, MPP, JD, is a catalyst, consultant, coach and speaker. Her firm, Fridman Strategies, specializes in strategic planning, financial resource development, governance, and leadership coaching for values-driven organizations. Nanette is the author of On Board: What Current and Aspiring Board Members Must Know About Nonprofits & Board Service and of Holding the Gavel: What Nonprofit Board Leaders Need to Know. She can be reached at

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