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14 Nov

Board Members Behaving Badly

This article originally appeared in eJP. By Nanette R. Fridman, MPP, JD and Kathy Cohen, PhD A typical challenge that many of our coaching clients bring to us is...

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13 Nov

What My 11 Year Old Reminded Me About Fundraising

My 11 year old daughter and I went to Daughter and Mother Camp Congress for Girls a few weeks ago. It is a full day boot camp at which...

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01 Nov

It’s Who You Know!

I had the chance to talk with Michelle Malkin, host of It’s Who You Know! The Podcast. This podcast is bridging the gap between Jewish leaders and those who follow...

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30 Oct

Out of Bounds

In my 20s, I was a young lawyer, and a board member and chair of the legal committee of the board. During my first year, a gentleman, who had...

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23 Oct

How Many Times Should You Try to Meet with a Prospect?

I had a very good meeting with a client who is a very bright, thoughtful Executive Director. She asked me how many times she should try to get a...

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17 Oct

5 Things Your Nonprofit Must Have Clarity On

Consultants overuse a lot of words. I have tried to ban “thinking outside-of-the-box” and “synergy” from my vernacular. The one word that I can’t use enough though is “clarity.” People...

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10 Oct

Management vs. Governance

There are many components of a good board training. None more important that reviewing the difference between management and governance. With all that has been written on the subject,...

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03 Oct

Top 15 List to Make the Most of Year-End Fundraising and Marketing (It’s not too late!)

The fourth quarter is key for most nonprofits looking to hit their fundraising numbers. Be prepared for a strong finish with these top 15 tips to make the most...

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20 Sep

Why Your Organization Should Be in Back to School Mode

The air is changing, and it is becoming dark earlier here in the Northeast. The stores have been in back-to-school mode for months. Yesterday I noticed that the Halloween...

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15 Sep

7 Suggestions for Synagogues at the “Apple Reveal” of the Jewish Calendar

My 14 year old like much of the world was aware of the Apple iPhone 8 reveal date and hurried home from school to watch it on YouTube. Apple...

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